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Home Alarm Systems

Protecting Your Home and Family is Serious Business

You want to feel safe when at home and assured when you are away. Home alarm systems are designed to reduce your exposure to threats of theft, violence, vandalism and more. Redwire provides a solution that gives you peace of mind and the convenience of remote control features. Keep a close eye on your wireless cameras from anywhere with our state-of-the-art mobile app.


System Features

Red Illuminated Keypad

The keypad will illuminate red if the alarm has been tripped, so if you enter your home and see red, you immediately know there was and still could be trouble.

False Alarm Feature

A question will appear on the keypad asking if this is a false alarm. The monitoring station receives the answer and knows whether to dispatch or not.

Two Button Panic

In case of emergency, reach our monitoring station immediately by pressing the two button panic combination on your keypad.


Mobile App and Control

Virtual Keypad App

From any mobile device, use a graphic interface to access all of the most common security system functions.

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