Not-So-Obvious Fire Hazards to Be Aware of

Many house fires are caused by someone being careless and leaving a candle burning, overloading a fire outlet, or falling asleep with a cigarette. These are obvious things that everyone knows can cause... Continue Reading


How To Keep Your Business Safe After Hours

Owning and operating a company of your own can be quite exciting. However, if you have a brick-and-mortar establishment, you must make sure that your business is secure when nobody is there. Doing so protects your inventory, employees, customers and business contacts. The minimal investment of resources required to provide business security after hours... Continue Reading


Sports Facility Security

Florida has many great sports teams, and fans love to go see their games. It is a great way to spend your day. Sometimes, however, things go wrong. Security for sports facilities is as complicated as it is necessary. Event security has become tighter... Continue Reading

A break in occurs in the U.S. every fifteen seconds. Don’t be a victim of this crime in Florida.


How Access Control Will Make Your Building Safer

Keeping your company safe from unauthorized entry can be very tough. Intruders may try and gain entry in many different ways. Former employees who no longer have access may try and gain entry if you have cut their authorization. Maintaining the control of who enters your business doors... Continue Reading

Key Indicators Telling You Its Time To Upgrade Your Security System

Every 15 minutes another burglary occurs in the United States. Theft accounts for some 70.8 percent of all property crimes. Theft and burglaries victimize business and residential owners each day. How can you prevent your employees, family members, property or personal items from becoming a part of another traumatizing statistic? The value and attention... Continue Reading

Many house fires are caused by someone being careless and leaving a candle burning.


How to Keep Your Business Secure During Renovations

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  • September 25th, 2016
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EWhen your business undergoes renovations or an expansion, your first thought is about keeping it on budget. Unfortunately, the first thing to cross a criminal’s mind is how easy it will be to breach your business security during this time. Most criminals are bold enough to pose as a customer to check out... Continue Reading


The Importance of Law Firm Security

In any service-oriented business, security should be a high priority, whether you’re protecting anything from clients’ purchasing history to a secret family recipe. When it comes to law firm security, however, the stakes are significantly higher. Consider the highly sensitive personal in... Continue Reading

Having a security plan in place (and the right technology to back it) is vital for the welfare of your business.