Redwire’s promise is unique to the industry. We offer these unconditional promises to our clients because we believe in our products, our people, and the service that we offer.

$2,500 Performance Promise

Redwire PROMISES to pay the first $2,500 of any loss if a forced entry is not detected and the proper authority is not notified.

Unconditional Money Back Promise

Redwire PROMISES to give a full refund of your installation fee and remove our equipment from your premises if you are dissatisfied with Redwire within six (6) months of the initial installation.

False Alarm Promise

Redwire PROMISES to pay for any false alarm fine (or represent you in cancelling) that was dispatched by Redwire & not caused by your personnel or the communication provider.

Service Promise

  • Redwire PROMISES 24/7 service
  • Redwire PROMISES a 2 hour emergency service response – YOU decide
  • Redwire PROMISES $50 if emergency service response time exceeds 2 hours
  • Redwire PROMISES that your premises will not go unprotected – security guard or alternate protection will be provided if we are unable to repair your system

*Promise excludes misuse or abuse of the system, fire, flood, or an Act of God beyond the control of Redwire