Drug-Free Workplace

The safety and well being of all employees is of great importance to Redwire, LLC. (Redwire). To that end, the Company is extending its commitment to a drug-free work environment by broadening its drug-free workplace policy. Any place where company business is performed shall be considered a drug-free workplace. The word “drug” shall include illegal controlled substances, alcoholic beverages and legal drugs in a way that may adversely affect the safety or job performance of the employee or others.

Redwire will conduct employee meetings to distribute and explain the policy. At any time, you can meet with your supervisor or human resource coordinator to discuss the policy. In carrying out the policy, supervisors have received training to help them answer your questions and understand the effects and signs of probable drug/alcohol abuse.

Once in effect, Redwire’s Drug-Free Workplace Policy will include testing of employees according to the following standards:

  • MANDATORY – All Company officers and senior managers will be tested annually.
  • PRE-EMPLOYMENT – All offers of employment will be made pending the results of a drug test. A refusal to submit to a drug test or a positive verified drug test is basis for refusal to hire job applicant.
  • POST-ACCIDENT – An incident occurring while on Company business that results in an injury to yourself or others, requiring a physician’s attendance and/or damage to property will require a drug test as standard procedure.
  • REASONABLE CAUSE – Only after careful consideration, will an employee be asked to undergo a reasonable suspicion drug test. This will be based on observation of behavior, actions, conduct, appearance, or other indicators that would cause members of management with senior management support to conclude that the employee may be “under the influence.”
  • RANDOM TESTING – For the added safety and health of Redwire employees as well as the direct impact on Redwire’s image and reputation as a drug-free organization, random testing of all employees will be conducted. Your rights are protected under the systematic random selection as it gives equal probability that any employee will be selected. Redwire can in no way influence the random selection process.

Redwire will not permit the sale, transfer, storage, or other attempts to conceal or distribute illegal controlled substances; the appropriate law enforcement agency will be contacted immediately.

To insure that the testing procedures operate under stringent guidelines and protect your privacy, Redwire will only be working with collection sites and laboratories that operate under federal guidelines and undergo continual inspections. At the times of collection of urine specimens, you will have the opportunity to provide any pertinent information regarding any medication you may be taking. You will have the opportunity to observe that the collection site adheres to “chain of custody” procedures to ensure that your specimen is not tampered with before it is sealed.

The testing laboratory will conduct the most discriminating test to ensure valid results. A positive result will immediately undergo a confirmation test, using a different method, to preclude the possibility of an error. Should this test prove positive, the results are given to a doctor trained in substance abuse disorders. He will contact you directly to discuss the findings to make sure that other factors did not affect the results. He may order other tests done on the same specimen. The doctor’s findings will determine if the specimen will be recorded as a “positive” or “negative” test.

Unless you so desire, negative test results will not be placed in your personnel file. A positive test will result in a 60-day probation period which will include periodic random test over the next following 12 months. A second positive test during this period will result in termination. In cases where serious consequences may have occurred, or will occur, termination of employment may take place with the first positive result. Should you test positive, you have the right to appeal the test within 5 days of the findings. At your own expense, the same sample will be tested at the same laboratory or another approved laboratory of your choosing.

All test results are confidential. Only upon your written requests will they be released to individuals other than officers/employees of Redwire who need to know this information for reasons connected with employment.

You have the right to seek counseling and rehabilitation for either yourself or family members. Redwire can provide information on local counseling services. The benefits coordinator can provide information on insurance benefits relating to in-patient/out-patient programs. It is Redwire’s belief that anyone with a substance abuse problems (or a potential problem) can through education, guidance and support, once again fulfill their potential as both a valued employee and a member of the community.

Redwire, LLC’s Drug-Free Workplace Policy is implemented pursuant to requirements under F.S.440.102 and administrative rules 38F-9.001 through 38F9.014 of the Department of Labor and Employment Security, Division of Workers Compensation.

This serves as a summary of Redwire’s Drug-Free Workplace Policy. You are required to read the policy in its entirety and submit a signed acknowledgement form.